Back-to-Office Canceled: The New Phase of IT Spending
As we hit IT budget season for 2022, many organizations are delaying their back-to-the-office plans. Here's what that will mean for CIO IT spending
priorities next year.
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Is Your Printer a Backdoor For Cyber Attacks?
Securing your printer is just
as important as securing your network from a cyber attack. Use our checklist to learn
what you should focus on when creating a printer security strategy.
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How APTs Become Long-term
Lurkers: Tools & Techniques of a Targeted Attack
A new report details the tools and techniques an Advanced
Persistent Threat (APT) group used to go undetected on a client network for over a year.
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Recent Breaches Underscore High Healthcare Security Risk 
Healthcare institutions in California and Arizona are sending breach notification letters after attackers compromised thousands of patients' data
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Two-thirds of Cloud Attacks Could Be Stopped By Checking
IBM says that over half of cloud security breaches are caused by issues simple to rectify.
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