How to Negotiate With Ransomware Attackers
Security researchers investigate the ransom negotiation process to create strategies businesses can use if they face an attack.
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Outsourcing Backups to Prevent Data Loss
How important is your data? Would your company be able to survive without it? A general backup of data is no longer enough to keep it protected.
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3 Tips For Stopping the Next Insider Attack
A former employee working with a New York Credit Union used her access to delete 200,000 files after being fired. How could've it been stopped?
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How the Cloud Enables Fast, Easy Recovery From Attacks and Disasters
Used properly, the cloud can provide very strong protection against ransomware attacks..
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Businesses Don't Know How to Manage VPN Security Properly and Hackers Are Taking Advantage
Cyber attacks targeting vulnerabilities in virtual private
networks (VPN) are on the rise, and many
organizations are struggling to protect their networks.
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